10 Best Alternatives to Wix website Builder

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Website building hosting has acquired a new meaning after its grave need, in promoting any product/service and merits it offers through global connectivity. Wix has been a name, often heard of in the web building business. However, it is time to look for alternatives, considering increasing costs and surfacing lacunas of Wix.
Though with Wix, you could certainly create incredible websites, for free, use of flash (which actually made the websites stunning), proved to be a setback, since the flash did not perform well on mobile phones, and does not possess good compatibility with various Search Engines. Also, we are in need of newer and better features for website building that are more realistic and add value. Following are the few alternatives that are likely to challenge and replace Wix. The alternatives are analyzed based on price, features and service applications.

10 Best Alternatives to Wix website Builder are :

- Quick and easy website editor
- User friendly interface and ease of use for anyone
- Huge design template selection to choose from
- Scalable cloud infrastructure hosting provided
- SEO friendly and industry related content provided
- Domain email management provided
- Easy interactive and multimedia integration
- Free real time monitoring of website activity with activity logs
- Google maps integration ready
- Ability to hire a web design expert to help
- Personalized domain names
- Great customer reviews
- Personal domain name only available for sub domains
- Blogging software not provided
2. Jimdo
- Fast website design and editing
- Multi-lingual website support
- Automatic mobile device support option
- Lots of widgets available for use
- E-commerce options limited
- Limited options of design templates
- No dedicated email management support
- Limited navigation at only two sub levels
- Jimdo ads placed on all pages
3. Weebly
- Great collection of stylish template designs
- Easy and flexible to use
- Social media integration with multimedia content support
- Mobile device customization and optimization available
- Unlimited navigation depth for websites created
- Dynamic website functionality and support limited
- 50% of all AdSense revenue remitted to Weebly
- Limited e-commerce options
- Weebly ads and links placed in the footer of all your pages
- Unlimited bandwidth and storage space.
- Efficient 24/7 contact support on the phone.
- One of the largest domain registrars
- Very long page loading time.
- Inept user interface
- Unnecessary animation and aggressive advertisements
5. Webnode
- Drag and drop real time website editing
- Personal domain support for the websites
- Easy content and widget integration
- Poor customer feedback
- Navigation levels allowed limited to two sub levels
- Fast and easy to use website creation
- High number of widgets available for use
- Easy content integration into website design
- SEO optimization friendly
- Social Media integration and support
- Multi-lingual website creation supported
- Customer care only available when your website has gone down
- Mobile devices are not supported or optimized
- SEO optimization software
- Large number of templates available for use
- Good for experienced web designer and comprehensive website development due to the sophistication of the editing system
- Has active social media platform integration
- Unlimited navigation levels for premium accounts
- Mobile device optimization and support
- Steep learning curve makes it better for use by experienced designers and coders
- Most features only available with a premium account
8. Edicy
- User friendly and easy to understand and use
- Search Engine Optimization capabilities
- Support for the creation of multi-lingual websites
- Availability of e-commerce options
- No email support
9. Webs
- Excellent customer support.
- Very flexible with versatile options for website building.
- Security and spamming are taken up seriously.
- Good user-interface for professional designers.
- Add-ons available in the free version are significantly good.
- Limitations on configuration and hosting make customizing the content difficult for new users.
10. Yola
- Many customizable templates available
- Social media integration
- High storage space provided
- Hosting is free of banners
- Ad plan only available with bronze account


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