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Speed and agility are traits that define our society today.
We avoid reading extensive articles, watching long how-to videos on YouTube or checking websites that are hard to navigate as we usually look for quick and easy solutions. While a technological progress provides us with plenty of utilities, now finding the right one with user-friendly interface and relevant functions becomes a challenge.
Presenting information in a crisp and concise way is something that we need daily needs such utilities as well. So we took our time to find tools that are time-efficient and offer some class in presenting yourself and/or your project.

1. Silk

alphagamma haiku deck
Need to turn boring data into visually appealing charts, graphs and presentations? Silk can do this for you. Just upload your input, customize the looks and turn the data into an interactive web-page.

2. Slides Carnival

alphagamma slideshare
When preparing the slides, you want to minimize the time on the design. Slides Carnival enables you to make presentations by offering you free templates for your slides. Pick the design that you like the most and just concentrate on putting the content.

3. Prezi

alphagamma prezi
Want to impress with your slides deck? Then cloud-based platform of Prezi is for you. This tool will help you make your presentation unforgettable and memorable. It’s easy to use and you will be pleased by the results. Prezi offers 4 service packages for you or your team to work with, and you can opt in for a free version first to see how it works.

4. Swipe

alphagamma swipe
A business idea coined at the Startup Weekend in 2012, Swipe is the first two-way interactive presentation tool. It enables you to create a presentation and show it to other people, for example you can find ones of artists and photographers, who are trying to show their work and creations to the largest audience possible.

5. Slidebean

alphagamma slidebean
Slidebean and Slide Carnival share a similar concept of providing you with user-friendly interface and neat looking templates, but Slidebean focused more in design. For example, you can select images from a broad library of stock photos which would naturally fit into the slides, saving you lots of time. So if you are in a hurry and have a tight deadline, just put the content for your slides and the Slidebean do the rest for you.

6. Haiku Deck

alphagamma haiku deck
Haiku Deck is another tool which has a huge gallery of ready-design presentation templates. Just type the content, and you will get a set of images that would suit the tone and context of your presentation. You can also adjust the elements and add your own. You can surf through already existing slide decks, you can create your own – for free – once you login into the platform.

7. Slideshare

alphagamma slideshare
Slideshare is more than just a tool. Since its foundation in 2006, it has evolved into the world’s largest community of knowledge sharing. Slideshare makes creation of presentations easy. You can craft an eye-catching presentation by using stunning high quality photos, choosing your own style and sharing your work. If you need some more inspiration to start your own deck, Slideshare has an extensive library that would have some examples for you to follow.
A definition of a “great design” tends to be very subjective, that is why there are so many alternatives where you would definitely be able to choose templates and easy interface that is appealing to you.
We would be glad to learn about your experiences. Have you ever used any of these tools before? Lets us know by sharing your thoughts in the comments section below.


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