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Top 100 Free Education Sites of 2014Last year, Help Teaching brought you our Top 100 Free Education Sites. Since technology and new websites are always being discovered we decided to update our list with some awesome new websites and new categories. Oh, and did we mention that they’re all free?
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10 Awesome Education Sites

Whatever the grade-level or subject area, these websites have something to offer. From high-quality lesson plans to entertaining games and educational videos, they represent some of the best educational websites in existence.
Power My Learning gives parents, teachers, and students a way to find some of the best free learning activities online. By creating an account they can save activities and browse activities by standard. Users can also recommend activities to add to the site. has gained recognition with its Hour of Code initiative. The website offers free, easy lessons to help kids learn some of the basics of coding. The lessons also help teach critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
Google is something most teachers know about, but many haven’t taken the time to explore all of their awesome free resources for education. There are some fun activities too, such as Build with Chrome where kids can build with LEGO-style blocks online.
Kidblog offers a simple, safe blogging platform for teacher. While there may be fancier systems out there, there’s something to be said for simplicity and Kidblog does its job well.
FunBrain helps students learn through fun games related to math and reading. They’ll also find books and other entertaining resources.
Scholastic has developed a reputation for its high-quality educational books and materials and its website does not disappoint, offering lesson plans, interactive activities, and articles designed to help teachers and parents.
PBS Learning Media provides lesson plans and activities for teachers and students from preschool through 12th grade. Resources connect with popular PBS shows and other engaging videos.
Edutopia focuses on helping educators grow. From articles and blogs from those working in the field to informational videos and classroom guides, educators in all areas of education will stay on top of the latest trends and find tips to help them improve.
Annenberg Learner provides educators with online professional development resources designed to help them improve their craft.
Edudemic helps teachers with technology. Both technology experts and those just getting started will find plenty of tips and resources on this site.


Find games and activities for early readers, as well as texts for advanced readers in this collection of high-quality reading websites.
Our Top Pick
Media Literacy Clearinghouse introduces students to a new type of literacy – media literacy. With all of the new technology and messages appearing everyday, it’s important for kids to be media literate.
Awesome Stories uses non-traditional reading materials, such as biographies and primary source texts to get students learning through reading. Students can use the site to help with research and teachers can use the texts as part of lesson plans. Creating an account allows users to access audio versions of many of the titles as well, making it an ideal site for auditory learners and those with learning disabilities.
ReadWriteThink gets students to participate in critical thinking and reading activities through its lesson plans and student interactives.
Book Adventure is a free online reading program that provides students with incentives for reading.
ReadingRockets provides teachers, parents and other professionals with advice and resources to help children learn to read.
The Reading Lady features reading comprehension activities, lesson plans, writing assignments, and assessments designed to get students reading and help them make the most of what they read.


Whether students need an outlet for their creative writing or want to brush up on their grammar skills, one of these resources will get the job done.
Our Top Pick
Little Write Brain gives kids a place to create their own storybooks and store them online. The story platform includes fun characters and illustrations for kids to use in their stories.
National Writing Project’s resources section offers articles and tips to help teachers incorporate writing in the classroom and learn about the latest best practices.
Writing Fix offers a wealth of interactive writing prompts for all grade-levels, with many focused on the 6+1 Traits of Writing, and also offers real-life examples from classrooms around the world.
Grammar Bytes tests students’ knowledge of grammar through simple multiple-choice activities and rewards them with cheesy virtual prizes.
Purdue OWL is an online writing lab from Purdue University that provide students, particularly those in high school and college, with everything they need to know about writing a paper, including grammar advice and paper formats.

A+ Research and Writing provides middle and high school students with step-by-step guides and other resources to help them write research papers and other informational texts.

Social Studies

Teachers can find primary source documents, high-quality lesson plans, and connect students to history, geography, government, and other areas of social studies online.
Our Top Pick
GeoGuessr tests kids’ geography skills. Using images from Google’s Street View, it plops players down in the middle of the street and asks them to figure out where they are.
National Archives: DocsTeach allows teachers to incorporate primary source documents and other historical texts into a variety of critical thinking and thought-mapping activities. Pre-made activities are also provided. Students can complete the activities online or through the DocsTeach app available for the iPad.
iCivics offers high-quality and engaging games for students to play and learn about civics. Lesson plans help teachers incorporate the games in the classroom.
EDSITEment combines history with language arts, foreign language, art, and music to give students the total humanities experience through high-quality lesson plans that promote critical thinking.
The Smithsonian has something for both teachers and students. Teachers will find lesson plans and other resources to use in the classroom, while students will find fun games and virtual tours.
Go Social Studies Go features informational passages and images on a wide variety of historical events and time periods. It’s good for students who want to learn on their own and teachers who need texts to use in the classroom.


Not all websites focus on elementary math skills. While many of these games do work well for elementary-age students, many of them also provide games and lesson plans for students tackling subjects such as algebra, geometry, and calculus.
Our Top Pick
Numberphile features short videos about numbers. They help kids explore complex math topics and make math more fun.
Iluminations, from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics provides math teachers with lesson plans and interactives to use in the classroom. These activities get students out of the textbook and help reach those with multiple learning styles.
PurpleMath provides algebra students with free lessons, practice opportunities, and a learning forum to help them improve their skills.
AAA Math features online interactive math lessons for students in kindergarten through 8th grade.
Math in Daily Life helps teachers answer the question “why do I need to know this?” by providing students with plenty of real-world math examples.
Math Forum offers online professional development opportunities and other resources to help math teachers improve their skills.


Help students understand science with this collection of videos, games, experiments, and creative science activities.
Our Top Pick
How Stuff Works explains how virtually anything kids can think of works. Since the site is designed for everyone, not just students, it should be used with supervision, but it can provide a lot of awesome information and answer kids’ burning questions.
Wonderopolis shows kids a wonder of the day and then gives them a chance to test their knowledge or join in on a discussion related to that wonder. Kids will be surprised by all of the cool facts that they learn and they may spark some interesting discussions in the classroom.
Funology helps get kids interested them in science by providing them with games, recipes, experiments, and arts and crafts projects.
Science Made Simple gives kids science experiment ideas and other science project topics, as well as help preparing for a science fair.
The Science Spot offers lesson plans, activities, and student examples from one teacher’s science classroom, as well as daily science trivia challenges and daily science starters.
Science for Kids features fun games, activities, facts, quizzes, and projects to help kids in elementary school learn to enjoy science.
For even more science-specific resources, check out the Ultimate Guide to Teaching Science.


Art museums around the world have made it their mission to teach students about art. These websites introduce students to art theory, let them explore classic works of art, and even give them the chance to create art of their own.
Our Top Pick
Artsonia bills itself as the world’s largest kids art museum. All of the artwork has been created by kids and, while the site is free, parents can also purchase products featuring their kids’ artwork.
Artsology helps kids learn to appreciate the arts by providing them with the opportunity to play games, conduct investigations, and explore different forms of art.
The Artist’s Toolkit introduces kids to the tools and mediums artists use to create their works. They’ll even find videos of artists hard at work in their studios.
Artpad from turns everyone into an artist. Just click anywhere and start creating. Then add your art to the gallery.
NGAKids Art Zone allows kids to explore popular art movements, themes, and painters and offers guides to help teachers as well.
Tate Kids gives kids a chance to explore famous works of art, play art-related games, and even create their own works of art to add to their online gallery.


Encourage kids to think beyond One Direction and their other favorite artists and experience new types of music. Kids can learn about the symphony and classical music or even build their own musical skills by learning about ear training or playing instruments online.
Our Top Pick
San Francisco Symphony Kids introduces kids to the orchestra through fun games and interactive lessons. A special composerizer even gives kids the chance to create their own music while learning about music is composed.
Classics for Kids regularly highlights famous composers and provides teachers with activities to incorporate into the classroom.
KIDiddles has lyrics and audio files for over 2,000 kids songs for music teachers, or any teachers, to use in their classroom.
National Association for Music Education provides music educators with tips, articles, and activities to help them reach all students through music.
Good Ear may not look like an awesome site, but it contains a lot in its simple design. This website provides virtual ear training to help serious student musicians learn to recognize the differences between notes.
Virtual Musical Instruments lets kids play instruments online. Instruments include the guitar, piano, pan flute, drums, and bongos.

Health and Safety

Health and safety are important to kids. Whether kids want to know more about keeping their bodies healthy or staying safe online, these websites have them covered.
Our Top Pick
KidsHealth is the top website for kids to learn about their bodies and their health. It features easy-to-read articles and kid-friendly graphics to help kids learn about a whole host of topics related to health and safety.
CDC BAM! focuses on teaching kids about their bodies. BAM stands for body and mind and all of the resources on the site help kids learn more about their bodies and keeping their minds sharp.
McGruff the Crime Dog has been helping kids learn about safety for decades. His interactive website features games, articles, and videos about safety for kids.
NetSmartzKidz and its sister site, Netsmartz, promotes online safety. Kids and adults can learn all about staying safe online and avoiding dangers such as cyber bullying. helps prevent bullying in all forms by providing teachers, parents, and students with resources to educate them about bullying and let them know what to do when bullying occurs.
PE Central is a physical education teacher’s ultimate resource. It includes lesson plans, assessment ideas, and other resources.

Early Education

Don’t forget about your younger learners too. Many websites, including our own Early Education collection, offer games and activities designed to help toddlers and preschoolers build their basic skills.
Our Top Pick features educational games from kids’ favorite PBS Kids characters, including Daniel Tiger and Peg + Cat.
Starfall promotes beginning reading and number skills with fun stories and activities.
Funbrain Jr. brings the fun and quality of Funbrain to a younger audience with its early learning games.
Chalk Preschool’s goal is to provide a free, quality preschool education to all kids through its online curriculum.
Nick Jr. features games and videos focusing on basic preschool skills. The activities incorporate kids’ favorite Nick Jr. characters too, such as Dora and Team Umizoomi.
Disney Junior doesn’t just provide kids with games featuring their favorite Disney Junior characters. It also gives them access to episodes from their favorite shows.

Educational Games

Kids love to play games online. Why not encourage the practice by introducing them to some fun educational games websites? They’ll have fun and you’ll know they’re learning.
Our Top Pick
Arcademic Skill Builders offers a series of racing games for kids focused on math and ELA skills. Best of all, many of the games are multiplayer so kids can create rooms and play against their friends.
Knowledge Adventure features a large selection of educational games organized by grade, subject, and age. Kids will also find some arcade games just for fun.
Cool Math Games is the ultimate site for kids who want to play math-oriented games. These arcade-style games are a lot of fun and many accompany the lessons found on the site.
Primary Games has a lot of educational games for kids to play mixed in with some “just for fun” games too. All of the games are kid-friendly.
Games for Change gets kids thinking about problem-solving and social issues by providing them with unique games to play. Many of the games help kids solve world problems or introduce them to social issues.

Educational News

It’s important to keep up with the news. These websites cover the latest education news and also provide kid-friendly news sites to use with students.
Our Top Pick
Education World has undergone a site redesign in the last year so that its main page now highlights the latest news in the world of education, including interesting research and controversy.
Education Week publishes a weekly newspaper all about education. Its website highlights many of those stories so you can access them for free.
Smithsonian TweenTribune features unique news stories for kids. Stories are organized by Lexile level and cover topics related to kids’ interests.
Time for Kids gives students and teachers access to many of the articles from Time for Kids magazine, even if they don’t subscribe. Stories focuses on world news stories and pop culture.
DOGO News promotes “fodder for young minds” by sharing unique news stories, including stories of people doing good around the world.
Go Go News is “big news for little people” and makes some of the world’s most popular news stories accessible to elementary students.

Educating Yourself

With the introduction of open courseware and TED talks educating yourself online has never been easier. Find access to actual college courses and learn what you want to know from the experts in the field.
Our Top Pick
TED features videos and other resources from some of the world’s greatest leaders, innovators, and thinkers. If you want to learn more about a particular field, chances are there’s an expert talking about it.
Khan Academy offers free online courses in a wide variety of subjects. It offers the most content in math, but also has courses in science, economics, test prep, and more.
Open Education Consortium allow you to search for open courses around the world. It also provides news on the open courseware movement.
MIT OpenCourseWare gives you access to courses from one of the nation’s most prestigious colleges.
Coursera helps you find and sign up to take free online courses from some of the world’s top universities and other experts.
Youtube has been around for a long time, but that only supports its awesomeness. You’ll find a lot of videos tutorials on everything from fixing a car to learning how to beat a difficult level on Angry Birds.

Homework Help and Study Skills

For general homework questions and help studying for that big test, students should check out this collection of websites. Teachers will also find study skills lessons to go over with students in class.
Our Top Pick
BJ Pinchbeck’s Homework Helper features information, resources, and links designed to help students with their homework, as well as resources for parents and teachers.
HomeworkSpot provides students with links, resources, games, and reference materials to help them build their skills and help them complete their homework..
Fact Monster Homework Center connects kids with reference materials and tools to help them successfully complete their homework.
Shmoop offers homework help, literature guides, and a ton of other resources for students. The site’s writers incorporate a lot of humor in their writing too, making the site incredibly entertaining.
Game Classroom focuses on math homework help and provides kids with games and other activities designed to make their homework easier. features articles on different study skills and test-taking strategies. There’s even a subject-based “How to Write” section to help students learn how to write all kinds of informational texts.
Don’t forget Help Teaching’s Study Skills and Strategies worksheets either!

Lesson Planning

Lesson planning can be time consuming, but with high-quality pre-created lesson plans, lesson plan templates, and a place to store their lesson plans, teachers can simplify the process.
Our Top Pick
The Differentiator provides teachers with lesson plan ideas to help them incorporate higher-order thinking skills, change up the products students create, and add to the resources they use. This helps ensure teachers aren’t presenting the same lessons all the time and that they reach students in many different ways.
Planboard gives teachers a place to organize lessons, track standards integration, and even collaborate with one another. The site also features a public lessons database.
Lesson Plans Page contains thousands of free lesson plans. Teachers will also find tips and other resources for creating high-quality lessons.
PlanbookEDU is a free program designed to help teachers create and organize their lesson plans, as well as attach any relevant files and align them with the Common Core State Standards.
ShareMyLesson offers lesson plans and other resources shared by teachers, educators, and educational companies around the world.
Awesome Library is a search engine that only returns websites and resources that have been reviewed by educators and offer the highest quality educational content on the web.

Classroom Management

If teachers want students to learn, they must have good classroom management. These resources help keep students in control and encourage behavior that promotes learning.
Our Top Pick
ClassDojo is a classroom management system that allows teachers to set goals for students, track their progress, and reward them for that progress. Parents can also access reports to see how their children are doing.
Remind gives teachers a free, easy, and safe way to share important information with parents and students via text message. All phone numbers are kept private and parents must opt-in to receive messages.
BouncyBalls is an online game where the noise level makes the balls bounce. The more balls bouncing, the noisier the classroom is, reminding students to quiet down and focus on their work.
NEA Classroom Management offers a classroom management survival guide, as well as articles and resources to help with specific areas of classroom management.
Random Name Picker gives teachers an easy way to randomly call on students to help ensure they are always paying attention.
Dr. Mac’s Behavior Management Site offers free podcasts, videos, and articles to help parents and teachers with troublesome behaviors.

While these websites represent some of the best of the best, we know there are a lot of other great websites out there. Share some of your favorites below! Maybe they’ll make 2016’s list of the 100 Best Free Education Sites. Remember to check out Help Teaching for all of your worksheet and printable needs too.


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